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10 valid reasons why you should prefer a foldable bicycle rather than a traditional one

If you are a bicycle lover, you can always choose between the foldable bicycles and the traditional ones. However, in recent times, there has been wide demand for foldable bicycles. Though the concept seems questionable at first thought, the actual efficiency of these bikes is proven to be top-notch! There are several advantages and benefits of the foldable bikes in today’s era that will make you choose over the traditional ones. We are here to discuss them in detail in this blog. So here are 10 valid reasons why you should prefer a foldable bicycle over a traditional bicycle:

1. You can carry it with you.

The most common problem you can face in your riding life is that your bicycle can get stolen at any point in time. If this has ever happened to you or you are further willing to prevent this situation, then it will be best for you to purchase the folding bikes that you can fold and carry anywhere with you so that you will be able to prevent the misplacing of your bicycle. The folding bicycles can be folded within fifteen seconds and it takes very little space as you carry them. You can carry them in the train or in the bus, or even in a car! As a result, it has become one of the most famous bike types for riders.

2. Folding bikes takes up only a little space!

Well, a clear distinction between the folding bicycle and the traditional bicycles is that the foldable ones can fold up to grasp only a smaller space! Easy to fold within seconds, only to take up a smaller room so that we can carry it anywhere and keep them safely. It can fit literally in any room, even in an office, or inside the garage, and it leaves enough space for other vehicles or any kinds of stuff to fit in!

3. Maintenance cost is relatively lower

The maintenance cost of a modern foldable bicycle is relatively low because modern foldable bicycles are mostly made with processed High Tensile Steel or Aluminum. This helps one to maintain the foldable bicycle for an extended period of time, with minimum maintenance cost, and the foldable bicycle will not get destroyed sooner.

4. Practical and ergonomic!

If you are searching for an extremely practical bicycle for you, it would be best for you to purchase foldable bicycles. Reason? Well, it’s completely practical and ergonomic. The bike folds within no time and takes minimal time to unfold. Besides, on most of the foldies, the seat and the handles can be adjusted according to your height and comfort! Not to mention, the features like quick and responsive gears, efficient brakes, mudguards, puncture protection tires, hydraulic suspension, anti-skid tires, comfortable riding position, and much more provides a stable and controlled ride. If you need all these amenities, it is better to choose your model from the foldable bicycle ranges!

5. Easy maintenance

Foldable bicycle may not look easy to maintain, but that’s where it plays the trick! Rather, folding bikes are the easiest to maintain and to keep it secure, clean and running. In fact, some folding bicycles just needs to keep the hinges oiled and it is all good to go! Besides, nowadays, some of the latest foldable bicycles are designed and analyzed by computer aided modern techniques which ensures its safety, longevity and maneuverability. And if the spare parts of folding bicycles are easily available on the local stores, authorized stores, official websites and third-party ecommerce sites – then more than half of your maintenance problem is already solved!

6. Better communication and traveling

The added advantage of folding bikes is that people can use the foldable bicycle for a longer period of time and it can go on places where cars or big vehicles fail to commute. With easy mounting and dismounting features, the foldable bicycles are proven to go longer miles. These aesthetic-looking folding bikes can promote rapid shifting gears, rigid suspension, and support minimal airflow to prevent friction; all these sums up to give a stable ride even on rugged terrains!

7. They are safe to ride

When choosing your bicycle, you should always seek ultimate comfort and safety-providing bikes. With a foldable bicycle, you can use it regularly, and they are completely safe in use as the bicycle is made with sturdy and durable material. Some are made with high carbon steel material with magnesium alloy wheel; whereas, some have hydroformed aluminum alloy and aluminum brakes with steel or simply a top-notch alloy frame! Besides, the mudguards and anti-skid tires with controlled brakes and gears ensure a safe ride, giving you its best of performance! This adds another reason why the importance of the folding bike rather than other traditional bikes is increasing in today’s market.

8. They are customizable

The foldable bikes are mainly customizable. You can customize any part of the bicycle, and you will be witnessing its convenient side that will match your requirement. If you are searching for a customizable bicycle, it would be best for you to purchase a foldable bicycle that is absolutely safe to use. The design, the durable frame, and the modern mechanism are engineered to fold and unfold it, customize the height of the seat and handles according to your comfort, carry it and keep it anywhere as it consumes a very little room, giving you abundant and undisturbed space.

9. Using them is fun

Obviously, who doesn’t want some fun and happy hormones running down everywhere while riding a bicycle? The fact that you can fold it and carry it anywhere you go and ride it for hours even on rugged roads and pathways, seems more fun and makes you go adventurous with this! The comfortable riding positions, customizable body, super sturdy frame, efficient brakes and easy shifting gears will surely give you a “Wohoooo….” ride!

10. Folding bikes gives the cool quotient!

If you're willing to choose a bicycle that gives a pleasing aesthetic look, then folding bikes stands on the top queue! All you can do is carry the bike with you and fold it with style; and this is going to be one of the trendiest options for you. You can go on adventures, hikes and rides to places where cars cannot go. Just take out your bike, unfold it and ride through the narrowest of pathways! It folds within seconds, unfolds within seconds, comes in various colours, with premium finishes along with various features and componentry - everything is assembled in one premium foldie – all ready to get you in the cool ultramodern vibe!


Even though the traditional bicycles are very efficient and no wonder it is still incomparable, many popular companies across the world are coming up with ergonomic and efficient alternatives like in the form of foldable bicycles! The folding bikes, foldies, or foldable bicycles have lots of features that add advantages to the rides making these the in-demand choices for the riders. The compact, ergonomically engineered, easy-to-fold, easy-to-unfold, easy to carry and store the bicycles are surely the next generation thing and worth every man’s purchase!

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