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Unleash a whole different commuting way with LUJO Folding cycles. Our simple frame designs and world class components will ensure you an ultimate riding experience.

Types of folding cycles

Quick Folding

Folding cycle feature logo
Folding cycle feature logo

Easy to store

Folding cycle feature logo


Our Models fold within 45 seconds. Action on the go!

Folds into just 76.2 x 35.6 x 55.9 Centimeters. Store it in your car or below your desk.

Take it on the metro or in an elevator. Experience the ultimate commuting freedom.

Folding bicycle feature logo

Secure Folding

Easy To Carry

Folding bicycle feature logo
Folding bicycle feature logo

Easy Folding

Designed and manufactured after 3 years of rigorous R&D. Our bicycles wont disappoint you.

No need to break a sweat, our bicycles weigh just 14.5 kg!

Three Steps thats all it takes!

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Best foldable bicycle for boys

FoldIt 1.O

LUJO bicycles are Made In India and are equipped with many specially designed parts for the ultimate cycling comfort. The 1.O is equipped with adjustable handlebar heights which makes it suitable for all.

Best Foldable bicycle for women

FoldIt 2.O

LUJO Bicycles are especially made for riding in the city. The 2.O comes in customized handlebar designs which makes it specially crafted for you.

High Type Handlebar

Medium Type Handlebar


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