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About Us

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LUJO bicycles was founded by two passionate mechanical engineers who shared a common goal of creating an interesting commuting product. After a brief period of three years and dedicated research and development, the first compact folding bicycle the FoldIt was born.

LUJO compact folding bicycles are one of the most comfortable and safest bicycles available in the market. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, Lujo bicycles are entirely manufactured in Pune and some components are sourced from our vendors which are selected through a rigorous screening process to assure the best quality. According to our tagline “Unfolding Possibilities” we strive to deliver our products such that they will open new avenues of possibilities for our customers.

We proudly announce that our bicycles are totally designed and manufactured in India. We take our R&D very seriously and we try to innovate and improve our products constantly and achieve perfection so that we can guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

Come be a part of our family!

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