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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a folding bicycle?
A bicycle which can be folded into a small size and can be stored compactly.

2. Are folding bikes good for long rides?
Folding bikes are ideal for short and long rides. Long rides are all about endurance and the ability of the bike. Folding bikes can perform as well as any other bike when it comes to long distance rides. People have testified riding for over 200 kilometres per day on folding bikes.

3. Does 20’’ tyres means the bicycle is slower compared to 26’’ bicycle?
NO, folding bikes use the same gear ratios as a standard 26’’ bicycle, further, small wheels means greater acceleration and less drag, which is ideal for city riding and small wheel size means the maneuverability of the bicycle is easy. The wheel size on the bike used to set the world speed record on an upright bike was 18 inches!

4. How easily can LUJO bicycles can be serviced?
LUJO bicycles can be serviced at any local bicycle shop and all the parts used in the bicycle are standard and easily available in all the shops.

5. What special maintenance is required for a LUJO’s Folding bicycle?
Along with the standard maintenance, just keep the Hinges oiled and you are set!

6. Why are folding bicycles so expensive?
Folding bicycle are expensive than the regular bikes because they are complicated to be designed as well as manufacture.

7. I am a guy weighing 90 kgs and height of 6 feet. Is your Bicycle suitable for me?
All of our folding bikes are designed such that they can carry a rider weight of 105 kgs and are suitable for anyone having height above 5 feet 3 inches.

8. Why choose LUJO bicycles?
Lujo Bicycles are designed keeping in mind the ergonomic riding angles as well as rider comfort delivering efficient riding. Also lujo bicycles offer easy servicing and they are totally made in India.


9. Do I have to Assemble the bicycle?
All our bicycles are delivered 95% assembled, you just have to attach the pedals and you are good to go.

10. Why are there dirt marks on my newly delivered bicycle's tyres?

Our bicycles before dispatch are test ridden by our technicians to make sure that no problems are faced by you.

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